Day 269—Bevilacqua

One afternoon in Venice, we stumbled across a tiny shop called Bevilacqua next to a small canal; we had walked by it several times at night when the iron doors were down and there was no indication that anything was behind them. The shop is filled with gorgeous brocades and damasks and tassels and I was drawn in because of my love of fabrics. It was only after I got home that I read in Fodor’s that Bevilacqua has kept the weaving tradition alive in Venice since 1875, using 18th-century hand looms for its creations. Fabrics made by this firm have been used to decorate the Vatican, the Royal Palace of Stockholm, and the White House. I purchased a few tassels to give as gifts so now they will decorate the homes of a few commoners, but I decided to photograph them before I relinquished their beauty to someone else.

It was nice to be able to spend time with my camera this morning to think about the shot and what effect I was looking for. I used my 35mm prime lens, my tripod, my black backdrop, and long shutter speeds to achieve the look I wanted.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
13 seconds
WB Sunshine