Day 257– Two Broads in Italy Day 13-0n The Road Again

We left Florence and took a high speed train to Naples. Our Eurail pass is for first class seats but so far the trains have been mediocre at best, more Amtrak-ish or worse until today. We had plush seats that reclined, were offered newspapers (all in Italiano but it was a nice gesture and after all, Italians do ride these trains!). We also had free soda and Prosecco but the Prosecco is limited to one glass per trip. The countryside was beautiful but the windows were dirty so decent photographs were impossible. We arrived in Naples after three hours. The Florence and Naples stations were the first stations we have found with platforms easily accessible and clearly marked train arrivals and departures.

We took our first taxicab ride in Italy from the Naples to the harbor to catch the Hydrofoil. It was a harrowing 15 minutes of careening and swerving through traffic as we held on for dear life and held our collective breaths as we squeaked mere millimeters past Smart Car after Vespa after city bus.

The Hydrofoil skimmed us over the Bay of Naples to Sorrento which perches high atop a cliff. We were relieved to see a line of buses and taxis waiting to carry the arriving swarm if tourists to the top. Our taxi driver, Antonio, was a typical, fast talking young Italian with, as luck would have it, a sight seeing tour business with his brother- in-law, Massimo. So tomorrow it’s an all day trip with Massimo to the Amalfi Coast.