Day 255– Two Broads in Italy Day 11-Machiavelli Slept Here

Today we took a tour of the Chianti wine region near Florence. Chianti Classico has come a long way from the ’60’s when everybody had a raffia covered Chianti bottle on their table with a candle stuck in it. Chianti Classico is now strictly regulated by the Italian government and must contain a certain percentage of Sangiovese grapes. One of the wineries we visited today produces small quantities of artisanal wine in a villa once occupied by Machiavelli himself. He wrote “The Prince” elsewhere but they claim he did live here for a time.

Some of the photos from today.









2 thoughts on “Day 255– Two Broads in Italy Day 11-Machiavelli Slept Here

  1. What a delight your pictures are!!..reminding me of when I was there many years ago. I tried to get our tickets to Wicked, but they said the “single” tickets wouldn’t be available until mid October. You can only get the whole series right now. I just saw the movie “Rio” about a blue McCaw’s adventures…I got it to share with a kid, but ended up watching it alone & it was really great!..wonderful sound track. I thought of you & BoBo. I’ve really been enjoying following you throughout your travels. Thank you so much for doing this…it’s a gift to us!! Keep having fun! Peggy

  2. Fantastic photos! Really, really nice! Love the composition in the photos of the wine cellar. What a photo book you will be creating!

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