Day 250 –Two Broads in Italy Day 6–Up, Up and Away

We are in love with Castello di Sinio and spent the day exploring the area and enjoying the ambiance of the ancient castle, built about 1400, and the quaint, quintessential Italian village. And this evening, despite my trepidations about driving again, Linda, our new friend
Jan from Down Under who took a test drive for us to find the balloon launch site so we wouldn’t get lost later, and I, took off in our rented Volvo and wound around the curving roads and through the Round-Abouts to the soccer field launch site in Barolo.

By 6:30 we found ourselves floating over the Barolo Valley with Pietro, the balloon guy, and a family from Greece. We were awestruck by the views. The balloon basket was sturdy and stable. After about an hour wafting over the gorgeous and breathtaking vistas, we landed. Pietro told us they never know where they will land and he radioed the ground crew to tell them about the harvested corn field where the “controlled crash landing” would be. After we came to rest and the ground crew had corralled the balloon, deflated it, and put it away, everyone, even the two young Greek children, got glasses of Prosecco to toast the successful landing. Offering Prosecco is a traditionfrom the 18th century when the inventor of the hot air balloon discovered that if he gave the farmers in whose fields he landed a glass of champagne, they would believe he was human and not the devil coming out of the sky.

Here are a few shots from today’s adventures.














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