Day 247–Two Broads in Italy — Day 3 Train, Train

We validated our Eurail Pass today and this afternoon, we took the train to Chur. We learned a little about the trains today. The Eurail system is quite efficient but we discovered our limited knowledge of German (limited to danke, gesundheit, and Gewurztraminer ) really hampered us in the Zurich train station. The station is huge and bustling and there is not a sign in English to be found. Luckily most everyone speaks some English and after a few wrong turns and a few wrong queues, we found where to validate our passes. We also managed to find an ATM and extract a few Swiss Francs so we could rent a couple of lockers to stow our suitcases while we spent a few more Swiss Francs on glasses of wine and German hotdogs.

Then Linda and I boarded the train to Chur. The countryside is lovely. Very Swiss, but what else would you expect in Switzerland? Now I’ve seen where Heidi lived!


3 thoughts on “Day 247–Two Broads in Italy — Day 3 Train, Train

  1. Yay- another post! I’ve been guessing you are having too much fun to post- and maybe having issues with WiFi and or internet connections. You must be well into Italy by now- so time to make the switch from Gewurztraminer to Chianti!
    Nice train station photo- looking forward to more posts when posting gets easier- hoping you are writing them out ahead so you don’t spend massive hours catching up.
    Have fun!!!

  2. Remember how I said Chris and I had trouble at the train station. We were in Munich and Chris was tispy form the Beer garden :)! by the time we got to Zurich we knew a little more. Glad you figured it out and got to where you needed to be. Travel is an adventure!!!!


  3. Day (whatever) Bobo is fine, misses you, and performs alarm clock duties quite well. Take plenty of pictures, drink some good brews, and enjoy the wine. Stay safe.

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