2016—The Feeder

I was cooking dinner and looked out to see whether I needed to refill the hummingbird feeders.  There was something odd about one of the feeder cups…something greenish,  that wasn’t a hummingbird, was on it.  On closer inspection, a praying mantis was perched there.   Of course I had to photograph it.  Despite the 106° temperature at 7 PM, there was the slightest hint of a breeze so the feeder was swaying just a bit.  I used my macro lens and the tripod with the lens set to f/16 for a greater depth of field, but the breeze kept it from being tack sharp.  I noticed the hummingbirds were not in evidence but I think praying mantises eat other bugs,  not hummingbirds and this mantis was not as big as a hummer.  I have had an ant problem on the feeders when I forget to fill the top receptacle with water and the yellow jackets have been hanging around them, too.  Maybe this mantis will take care of the ant and the yellow jacket problem.

praying mantis 2.jpg

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