2016—Almost, But Not Quite

They say chicken should be cooked to 165° F. in order to be safe from food borne contaminates.  These rosemary lemon chicken skewers I was grilling Wednesday evening are a degree shy of safe in this photograph but within seconds, I’d overcooked them because I was fiddling around trying to take photographs when I should have been paying attention to the food.  I decided to take photographs of my new instant read kitchen thermometer that had arrived earlier in the day.  After my third digital instant-read thermometer in as many years bit the dust I decided to splurge on what I know to be an excellent piece of kitchen equipment.  The Thermapen has been recommended by Cook’s  Illustrated , the same people who produce America’s Test Kitchen, for many years that I know about.  But, instead of paying $99 to get something reliable that would pay for itself, I kept buying cheaper versions ranging in price from $10 to $40.  My new Thermapen MK4 (hmmm, I’m wondering if there might be a connection to my Lincoln MKZ!) arrived Wednesday just in time to let me instantly check the temperature of the food I was grilling.  And, unlike all of the other thermometers I’ve tried, this one DOES read instantly.  I won’t have to wait  for the thermometer to get to temperature  anymore while my hand sizzles from the hot coals.


One thought on “2016—Almost, But Not Quite

  1. You’ve made a good choice, as you say they’re truly instant. I’ve had one for 4-5 years and it’s still working well. This one should last for you.

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