2016—Impressionist Sunflower

Not quite Van Gogh-ish  but still a little impressionistic.  My friend Cheryl and I ventured out to photograph sunflower fields in Woodland at sunset last week.  The sun dipped down and the light disappeared almost immediately.  There was no after glow.  I had a flash with me and used it but I couldn’t get it set to create a natural looking light.  Then the wind came up and any chance of getting a decent photograph disappeared.  I also discovered that the shutter speed on the D5 wouldn’t go below a setting I used for flash, even with the flash turned off so most of my photographs were disastrous.  I contacted Nikon to ask what I might have been doing wrong.  Nikon responded that they were assessing the problem.  So, I asked Moose Peterson.  He told me that there is a bug he first reported to Nikon more than a month ago.  It turns out software that allows the D5 and the SB5000 speed light to work together wirelessly erroneously limits the shutter speed whether or not the flash is on.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Nikon will upgrade the firmware soon to fix the problem.  At least the problem goes away when I disconnect the wireless controller.

CEzanne Sunflower.jpg

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