2016—Four And Twenty Blackbirds

Well, four and and a quarter of twenty blackbirds, anyway, Brewer’s Blackbirds to be specific, and none baked in a pie.  I drove out toward the airport to find birds to practice panning.  The thousands of snow geese in the rice fields along the levee road that I saw on Thursday were gone when I drove by New Year’s Day so I continued across Highway 99 toward Garden Highway.  I saw hundreds of blackbirds flying in a huge cloud over the fields so I found a safe place to pull over.

By the way, it was chilly for around here midday, in the low 40’s, and the cool weather gave me a chance to try out the heated steering wheel on my new Lincoln MKZ.  That’s a feature I won’t easily give up.

As soon as I parked, the blackbirds settled onto the overhead wires and didn’t move again so I will have to get my panning practice another time.




One thought on “2016—Four And Twenty Blackbirds

  1. Glad you’re out shooting blackbirds, so to speak! A little jealous of your car since mine’s in the shop…

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