2016—More Practice

I practiced setting up my tripod, attaching the 600mm lens, then the camera all with two pairs of gloves on.  I couldn’t manage to do with the outer pair on as well, but I’m thinking that even with sub-zero temperatures in Yellowstone, my hands should stay warm enough with two pairs of gloves for the few minutes it takes to set up. I was inside the house and the lens was pointed at the hummingbird feeder so when a hummer stopped by to sip the nectar, I took advantage of the opportunity for more focus practice.  I was in Auto Area AF when the hummer arrived and for the first few shots.  But, since the camera was not moving I didn’t need it and I remembered (yay!) how to change the settings while looking through the viewfinder.  The shutter speed was very slow 1/15 so I was lucky that the hummer kept his head still while the rest of his body twirled around.  I still need to work on composition so I cropped this shot to a vertical 8X10.