2016—Turkey Trot

This flock of wild turkeys was trotting through the parking lot at the eye doctor’s office Monday morning after my appointment.  I had trouble seeing to focus the camera because my eyes were dilated and I learned that I had scratched my right cornea on my last night in Yellowstone so the vision in my right eye is a bit blurry.  I was lucky to get any shots at all with my limited eyesight and it wasn’t until I downloaded the mostly blurry batch of photos that I realized the car in the background is a Lincoln MKZ.  I’m so glad I held out for the bronze fire color.  This car looks drab by comparison.  And, as I write, I am without my new car and driving a rental Toyota Corolla which means I’ve come down a notch or two in luxury.  Boy did I get spoiled fast.  My MKZ is getting its protective coating.