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2015—Wet Dog

It smells like wet dog at my house. Yes, Mady is back for a week or so and this morning, after plunging her head into the fountain to drink—the fountain base has become her drinking bowl of choice—then rolling on the freshly irrigated lawn, she was thoroughly drenched. I decided to use her as a model to try out my new Quickbox soft box lighting kit that arrived yesterday. I attached the soft box to the base, attached the speed light set to remote, and directed it into the soft box. Then I had Mady sit a couple of feet away and this is the result, without changing the output of the flash. She decided sitting there for long was not what she wanted to do so I didn’t get to experiment very much.

I learned about the Impact Quickbox portable light box from Scott Kelby at the Photography workshop I attended in Sacramento a couple of months ago. I decided to order it the other day because I’m going to be doing some product photography for my favorite coffee people next week and I thought I should probably have better, more reliable lighting for that session.


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  1. Hi Carol. Your ears must be burning! Richard, Eric and I are missing you one this Smokies trip. I got so frustrated with myself this AM that Richard had to save me from chucking my Canon into the river!!! He saved the day. Whew

    May 14, 2015 at 10:33 am

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