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Arthur and I returned home Sunday afternoon from the Fly Tying Expo after “power shooting” (my term) the remaining fly tiers and their flies. Arthur manned the macro lens taking closeup photos of the flies and I photographed the people. We made a good team. I’m sorry we didn’t do this on Saturday. We finished early and got home about 2:30 to relax and have a beer.

The hummingbirds soon arrived at the feeders as we relaxed on the patio so I got my camera. Even after spending the previous 6 hours taking photos with my camera, I couldn’t resist the hummingbirds and as tired as I was, I still managed to get a few in focus shots of the male rufous hummer. In the first four shots, he comes in for a landing at the feeder. In the last shot, the female hummer (her back to camera) arrives and they seem not to agree about sharing the feeder.

Fly Tie Expo Sunday-68-4

Fly Tie Expo Sunday-69-4

Fly Tie Expo Sunday-71-4

Fly Tie Expo Sunday-81-4

Fly Tie Expo Sunday-166-3

One response

  1. Melinda

    Love the colors of these guys!!! Such a cool find! I envy Art all his hummers- I sometimes get 2 at a time, but that’s about it.

    April 13, 2015 at 8:42 am

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