2015—Musical Goblet

This is really sort of a grab shot because I wanted to take a photo to see if I could identify my Mom’s crystal pattern, but after a couple of tweaks, I liked the results enough to post on my blog. And, if you look close, it is interesting to see the tiny scratches on the surface of the crystal, the result of almost 70 years of use. These goblets were a regular feature at special occasion family dinners and the music they produced, by rubbing the rim with a dampened fingertip, was also a regular feature at these dinners. It’s amazing that they didn’t shatter from the ear piercing ring they made. We counted nine goblets so I guess one must have succumbed at some time. We don’t recall Mom getting after us for shattering one so I guess my brothers and I weren’t to blame. It’s been quite a few years since our last goblet jam session. Maybe we’ll have to have one last jam session in honor of Mom.