2015—Back To The Rookery … And Canon!

This morning I spent a few minutes reviewing some of the photographs from my trip with Connie to the Smith Oaks Rookery at High Island near Galveston, TX last month.  And, I was once again very impressed with the photographs I got during the twenty minutes, at about high noon, that I used Connie’s Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera.  I just wish I’d noticed that  I wasn’t using the full zoom potential of the 70-200mm lens.  Because I was unfamiliar with the camera and lens, for some reason,  I was moving the ring that adjusts the focal length on the lens so instead of shooting at 200mm, each shot I took got progressively further away as I shot, starting with 155mm, moving to 150mm, then to 100mm, then to 95mm, and finishing at 88mm.  Even so, I remain impressed with the clarity of this camera and lens.

All of these shots feature either a roseate spoonbill or a great egret in flight and several show the crowded conditions in the rookery, with spoonbills, egrets, and cormorants, all nesting together.