2015—Easter Roses

It was cloudy and cool Sunday afternoon and just before the sky opened up and deluged us briefly with some welcome rain drops, the light on my roses from the overcast sky intensified the colors making for a glorious Easter Sunday display.  The most splendid were Betty Boop and Rio Samba.  I created a couple of collages in TurboCollage to show off their beauty.

Betty Boop Rio Samba Collage

2015—A Walk On The Wild Side

While Mady dragged me along the trails at Miner’s Ravine Saturday afternoon, I managed to get her to stop long enough so I could take a few shots of the wildflowers in bloom before she continued her relentless tugging at the leash. Most of the wildflowers we saw were shades of purple.  We saw an Elegant Brodiaea with a skipper feeding on it.  Next, we saw a field of Ithuriel’s Spear followed by a field of vetch and one of lupine.  A lone stalk of Ithuriel’s Spear was visited by a pipevine swallowtail.  It was nice to see so many wildflowers in bloom in the midst of our drought.