2015—Ibis And Egret

When I was visiting Connie in Texas, we went to an area with lots of waterfowl (Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge? … help me out, Connie) and we found lots of them to photograph.  As I reviewed some of my photos from that afternoon, I discovered a couple of birds I thought were interesting.  The first, a white ibis, is interesting to me because it blinks in one of the shots which shows the nictitating membrane covering its blue eye.  In the third ibis shot, a fly or bug of some sort has landed on its beak and it appears that the ibis is looking at it.  The next three shots are of a snowy egret whose distinctive feature is its yellow feet at the end of black legs.  In this series, the egret plunges into the water, emerges with something in its beak and then continues on its quest for food, lifting its yellow foot out of the water.

Galveston-2015 Day 1-541

Galveston-2015 Day 1-542

Galveston-2015 Day 1-543

Galveston-2015 Day 1-607

Galveston-2015 Day 1-609

Galveston-2015 Day 1-610