2015—Big Dish

Bobo appears to be wondering why Mady’s water dish is so much bigger than her own. This was Bobo’s second foray across the floor Wednesday morning. In her first, she marched right up to Mady, who is now terrified of Bobo, and glared. On this trip, Bobo marched into the kitchen where I was doing dishes; I don’t think she’s done that before. I decided to grab the camera and I was hopeful that I could capture Bobo harassing Mady but Mady stayed well away from Bobo, behind me, the entire time Bobo was examining the water dish. In both instances, Bobo didn’t fly off the cage which is how she usually ends up on the floor. I heard no frantic flapping so I’m pretty certain she climbed down to check things out. I was really quite surprised to see her walk into the kitchen. I’m lucky, as is she, that I didn’t step on her.


4 thoughts on “2015—Big Dish

  1. I think Bobo needs a dog- I think I told you that before! The relationship with Mady is sooo interesting – and we know who the alpha is!

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