2014—A Smattering Of Rain

A smattering of rain has dampened the valley today and we are hopeful that the dire predictions of drought will be assuaged, however unlikely that may be. There is no snow in the Sierras except for the small amount artificially made by a few ski resorts; Folsom Lake levels have dropped so low that a Gold-Rush era mining town, Mormon Island, has been re-exposed 50 years after it was flooded to create Folsom Lake; and this past December was the driest December on record.

When I left on a brief shopping trip this morning the raindrops started to fall. I decided to memorialize the raindrops on the rear windshield of my car, mainly because a recent Flickr challenge was “scattered” and the smattering of scattered drops seemed to meet the challenge. I used a Lightroom split tone preset to process this photo.

Day 11-26-2

One thought on “2014—A Smattering Of Rain

  1. I really like the abstract quality of this, even though it is easily recognizable as rain. The shallow depth of field adds an artistic quality (and nice bokeh!). I like your processing too- you are branching out!

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