2014—Port A —Bad Fishing Karma

The weather was great for getting out in the boat Sunday. Susan and Chris want me to catch a fish here in Port A but I think I bring only bad fishing karma. Whenever I’m in the boat, no one catches a fish. In the six years I have been coming to Port A, they have caught only one keeper, a red fish, when I was with them. So it’s a good thing I limit the length of my visits so they can start catching fish again when I’m gone!

I may not catch fish here but I do manage to catch a few decent bird shots. I was thrilled to get a fairly decent shot of a roseate spoonbill as it flew over our boat. Beautiful plumage, not so beautiful face. Same with the brown pelicans. They are truly odd creatures and the great blue heron won’t win any beauty contests either. I struggled with focus today and got lots of out of focus images. I guess I was lucky to get the few decent shots I got. Maybe I have bad photo karma, too.

Port A Day 5-300

Port A Day 5-722

Port A Day 5-620

Port A Day 5-345