2014—Port A — Day Of The Dolphin

Thursday’s photo shoot on the Intracoastal Waterway presented me with lots of photo opportunities. My favorite encounter was with the dolphins. They were everywhere that day and Chris would slow or stop the boat to keep up with the dolphins who would surface and dive and emerge hundreds of feet away in a completely different direction than expected. When we started back in mid afternoon we came across a pod of dolphins that cavorted in and around our boat for close to half an hour. The encounter ended when another, much larger, pleasure boat, slowly made its way by us; the dolphins played in the wake at the front of that boat. What fun to watch. I didn’t get many good shots of that event but thought the photo of the people photographing the dolphins was interesting. The dolphins were so close that we could hear them breathe and exhale through their spouts and when they swam in unison directly toward our boat, we didn’t know what to expect. What an exciting afternoon. It was indeed the day of the dolphin. And a wonderful end to my trip to Port Aransas, Texas.