2014—Port A — Osprey

Thursday, was my last full day in Port Aransas, and Susan and Chris took me out on the Intracoastal Waterway in their boat. The unseasonably cold weather makes for poor fishing whether I’m in the boat or not so the day was devoted to searching the waterways for interesting photo opportunities for me. I found plenty.

I took so many photos that I decided to make separate posts of the different types of wildlife that I encountered. My first post features the different osprey we encountered. All were perched and watching for something to eat and each took to the air while we watched. I had my D7100 with the 70-200mm lens attached but I had removed the 2X teleconverter before we left home and regretted my decision. We got fairly close but I still had to crop these shots. These are my favorite osprey shots from Thursday.





2014—Tranquility Base

We decided it was too chilly to walk Wednesday morning despite it being a few degrees warmer than the day before when we did venture outside in the wind. So we lazed around in the morning and I obsessed over my Flickr group challenges; a recent one was the color orange and another was “tranquility.” I tried taking shots of Leo, showing off his orange coat, but when he nestled tranquilly on Susan’s arm in the warm sunny window, I decided to use the shot for the “tranquil” Flickr challenge. I did manage to take an “orange” shot when US Coast Guard helicopter flew low while I was outside on the balcony. There were even clouds in the background.

Port A Day 8-75

Port A Day 8-2-3