2014—Deep Purple

“When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls
And the stars begin to twinkle in the sky—
In the mist of a memory you wander back to me
Breathing my name with a sigh….”

—Peter DeRose (1934)

I love this song. I have several piano sheet music versions of it; it was originally composed for piano. But, I have to admit that my favorite “Deep Purple” rendition is from 1963, Nino Tempo & April Stevens (a brother and sister duo); I have it in my iPod and “Deep Purple” is in the rotation when I work out at the gym!

This photo was inspired because a recent Flickr challenge theme was “purple” and yesterday afternoon when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and admired these purple mini calla lilies enough to bring them home with me, I knew they would meet the challenge. They may not be a “deep purple” sunset sky enveloping a garden but they are beautiful purple blossoms.

I tried different aperture settings but preferred the small aperture of this shot (f/13) to the wide open shots I tried first. This is focal length 70mm, ISO 100, f/13, 4/10 second shutter speed. I used one of my OTT lights to the left of the flowers and had a black velvet background.

Day 8-122