2014—Port A —Algid

I came all the way to South Texas to find winter—and to learn a new word. The storm came in Thursday night: cold driving rains; 35 mph winds; the porch railing blown down and the chairs with it; huge waves crashing to shore; freezing temperatures. Friday was definitely an indoor day but Susan and I ventured out to the public library to find some videos for entertainment. The library posts a “word of the day” and the day’s word, algid——meaning cold or chilly——is new to me, but very appropriate. The high as I write at 5PM central time is 35°.

While we were out, we stopped in at Oceans of Seafood to buy shrimp for dinner—a simple meal of boiled shrimp, fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, served with cole slaw. With limited photo opportunities, I decided to take some shots of our future dinner: shrimp in the case at Oceans of Seafood. As we started to leave, one of the owners of the place asked if I wanted to photograph their “small” shrimp; he opened a cooler to reveal the 6 inch monsters piled within. Later at home, Susan boiled the smaller 3 inch shrimp we chose; when Leo investigated, he was removed from the counter to save our dinner, and seems to be thinking, “Hey! What did I do?”

Port A Day 3-30

Port A Day 3-34

Port A Day 3-5-2

Port A Day 3-28-2

Port A Day 3-22-2