2014—Good Morning. Where Will You Lead Me Today?

I’m having my backyard fence rebuilt and, when I got home from the gym, I noticed there was a shaft of late morning light illuminating the stepping stones that lead around the side of my house. Those stones are usually in perpetual shade but because the fence is down temporarily, they got a bit of light which made them a little more interesting. I used a wide aperture that created too shallow a depth of field; I think it would have been a better shot if the entire featured moss covered stone were in focus but by the time I realized my error, the light had changed.

After I took the shot, I remembered that a recent Flickr challenge was “pathways” but when I went to post this shot to Flickr, I noticed that the “pathways” challenge ended on Saturday so I was a day late. I decided instead to use it for the “Good Morning” challenge.

Day 5-28-Edit