2013—Day 20—Another Post Today

I haven’t yet come to terms with separating myself from the daily part of “In Focus Daily.” I’ve toyed with the idea of modifying the name of the blog but until I come up with something else, it somehow remains a required “daily” commitment in my psyche. The weird thing is that instead of reducing the number of posts, which was my intention, I seem to be increasing my daily posts.

A few minutes ago, smug with the knowledge that my Day 20 post automatically published at 5AM and that I didn’t need to take a photo, my adorable hummers were cavorting in the fountain. Photo op! I cannot resist those hummers. My long lens was already attached to the camera so I went out, sat down, and flipped on the flash. But as cooperative as the hummers were, my camera and its flash weren’t. The shutter release was delayed and the flash wasn’t recycling fast enough. I took a couple of shots, only one of them in decent focus, and when they retreated to the tree to preen, I went inside and attached my Speed Light to try for something better. Of course they disappeared completely when I went back outside.

But here they are, again. My hummers.

Day 20-5

Day 20-3

One thought on “2013—Day 20—Another Post Today

  1. Love these! The depth of field and splash of the first one and the hummer in flight of the second- wonderful!

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