2013—Day 14—Branches

As I stood in the darkness, adjusting my camera to take a shot of my neighbor’s tree with the street light illuminating the bare branches, a crackling sound behind me made me freeze in place. Then I heard a voice apologizing for startling me. It was another neighbor inquiring about my photography as he walked by with his two dogs. Shortly after he passed by, I ended my session. Not because I was outside in the dark and I was afraid, but because I was outside in the dark and it was freezing, or at least moving in that direction. This is a different sort of moon shot for me. Yes, that odd shaped light in the background is the waxing crescent moon. Here are two versions of the same shot, the second in black and white. I have wanted to photograph that tree in the orangey streetlight for a long time, but I think I like the B&W version better than the color version.

Day 14-21

Day 14-21-2

2 thoughts on “2013—Day 14—Branches

  1. I like both a lot- but I LOVE the orange! Maybe I’m just feeling contrary because I have spent an hour chasing the moon around town after seeing one of those once in a lifetime moon photo ops from the FREEWAY- and then never finding the moon again. I guess it went behind the clouds. Picture a HUGE orange crescent hanging UNDER the lights of the Carquinez Bridge! Absolutely stunning- but not recorded by this photographer! Hopefully someone got it! Anyway- very nice shot Carol- and the orange is definitely my fave!

  2. I like the black and white too! Can’t see the moon here because of the rain and fog!! It’s getting a little old!,!

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