2013—Day 4—Study In Two Tones

I took only a few shots today, of two different subjects and each of these subjects was essentially two-toned. I thought the structure of the branches in the first shot made a striking composition and I liked the intensity of the blue sky and the golden color of the trunks and branches. Not too long after I took the first shot, I noticed what appears to be a column of smoke in the distance reflecting the intense red-orange of the setting sun, with the landscape turned black in the gloaming (I’ve always wanted to find a reason to use that word). I made a few adjustments to each of these shots and tried to remove a sensor spot from behind a branch in the first using Lightroom’s healing brush, then, when that failed, using Photoshop’s repair tools. Neither one worked for me so I cropped the shot instead. Those tools are magical in the right circumstances and I’ve been successful in the past but apparently in this case, a real expert was needed. I’ll have to work on it. I also tried to remove the power lines from the second shot in Photoshop and was much more successful doing that than removing the single spot from the first shot, but I needed to spend much more time and take much more care than I was willing to spend this evening so the power lines remain in the second shot.

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One thought on “2013—Day 4—Study In Two Tones

  1. Oh- that sunset! Beautiful! Puzzled about the sensor dust- maybe you need to restart LR- I have so many spots right now I need to do it on every photo!
    And I love the tree!

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