Day 186—Picker Upper

Today’s theme is “energy” and although I drove by an electrical power station on my way home from the gym this morning, my energy was too sapped to stop and take a photo. My “picker upper” of choice after a strenuous workout is Muscle Milk, a high protein energy drink. I really needed it this morning—but not before I took a couple of photos. The photos all looked uninteresting until I rummaged around and found my weights to add interest (and a little Fourth of July color). I don’t use these weights at home too often but at least they served as an appropriate prop.

I have added another Lightroom “skill” to my repertoire. Although I used my tripod this morning, I didn’t level the camera well enough so I have now learned how to straighten a photo.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 100
Custom WB

One thought on “Day 186—Picker Upper

  1. Well now, that looks good! I’ve never tried it, but have heard of it. Nicely composed shot- with the perfect touch of red, white, and blue. You are so good about using the tripod- I used flash again. Delighted you’ve learned another Lightroom trick! Waiting for you to try out the tone curve and adjustment brush! And the presets!

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