Day 185 — Part 2 — Green Cheese

When I went out about 9:30 to take my flag down, I looked up and in the southeast sky, just above my neighbor’s rooftop, the full moon loomed. Since I missed the last full moon which was the Super Moon, and since I haven’t yet taken a full moon photo with my D800, I got my tripod out, set my camera to timed shutter release and took several shots. Despite all my care with trying to keep the camera still, I think the long, heavy 28-300mm lens and the clunk of the mirror when the shutter releases, still resulted in a bit of a camera shake. These shots are not as tack sharp as some of the moon shots I’ve previously taken with my D90 and 70-300mm lens. So tomorrow night, I may try to take some photos of the slightly less full moon with the camera set to the “mirror up position” to see if I can eliminate or at least reduce the camera shake.

In the first shot I used the Sunny 16 settings: ISO 100, f/16. 1/100 and as I look at that shot, the moon actually has a greenish tinge, at least on my monitor. With slower shutter speeds, the moon brightened and became silvery. Here are two shots, the first at 1/100, the green cheese moon, and the second, at 1/25, the silvery moon. Both shots are severely cropped.

2 thoughts on “Day 185 — Part 2 — Green Cheese

  1. Lovely moon shots! I like both in different ways- the detail in the first and the silveriness of the second. I don’t really see the greenish tones (and I just calibrated). Kudos to you for photographing the moon!

  2. Thank you. And, it doesn’t look green to me anymore, either. I must have been seeing things! No, really, it did have a greenish cast and a slight brownish cast in Lightroom. But after posting here, it was all gray.

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