Day 187—Big Box, Small Bird

While I was at the grocery store this morning, I got a call from the California Foundation for Birds of Prey (CFBP) to pick up an injured baby hawk. The people who found the hawk had placed it in a tall corrugated carton that we were able to buckle in with the seatbelt in the back seat of my car. When I arrived at the CFBP clinic, Vincent asked if I had my camera with me and since I go no where without my camera, I whipped it out, he opened the box, and we both peered inside. They think he is probably a young Cooper’s hawk. I hope he makes it.

Today’s challenge theme is “size” and as I reviewed the few shots I took, it struck me that he looks small down in the depths of the big box. Perfect for the “size” challenge. I had to increase exposure a bit.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 1000
WB Custom (once again, erroneously left over from yesterday’s shoot)