Day 184—Footsie

Today’s challenge theme is “foot” and today was a challenging day for me, photographically speaking. I was busy with other things and not inspired to photograph anything so finding a foot to photograph was not an easy task. Bobo would have been the perfect subject holding a pepper in her foot and scratching her head which she was doing when I realized it would make the perfect photograph but by the time I got my camera she wasn’t doing it anymore. A few other foot options were uninspiring, like my one foot ruler and the feet on a brass bucket but when I went out to check on my flag, the holder for which got installed this afternoon by a friend just in time for the Fourth of July, I realized that the little statue that has stood in my entry for the past twenty plus years might work. She is concrete, she is well worn —eroding is more like it— and she sports bare feet. It’s the best I could do today.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
WB Fair Weather