Day 200—Change In Plans

My friend and fellow photo blogger Melinda and I were excited to attend Scott Kelby’s Photoshop for Photographers workshop at the Sacramento Convention Center today. We met at the Convention Center at 8:30, a full thirty minutes before registration started, anticipating getting seats in front and with the hopes of meeting Scott Kelby and picking his brain. As we wandered through the mostly vacant convention center venue, the only activity we found was a Les Schwab Tire Company gathering. After finding no evidence of the Photoshop Workshop, I sought out and found a Convention Center representative who told me there was no such workshop scheduled today, that it was scheduled for August. Uh oh. I had noticed on Scott’s website that a workshop was scheduled for August and that today’s workshop was not listed. I should have been suspicious but thought it was full and they’d scheduled an additional workshop. We called Kelby Training and spoke to Diane who advised us that the only scheduled Sacramento workshop was not until August. She was shocked to discover that both Melinda’s and my tickets clearly stated July 18, issued before it was rescheduled. She told us that everyone should have been notified of the change but Melinda and I were not. Thanks to Diane, however, Melinda and I are booked into the August class and our money has been refunded. So now, we’ll be doing what we thought we’d be doing today, in a month.

A change of plans was needed. Melinda came to town with her husband, Lonnie, and he is working in Roseville while we were to be attending the workshop. We plan to go to dinner later so we suddenly had all day to devote to photography and catching up. So, Melinda and I wandered through the State of California Capitol World Peace Rose Garden in search of things to photograph. After a couple of hours, we returned to my house and Melinda has been coaching me in the use of Lightroom 4. Here is my photo of Melinda taking pictures in the rose garden edited in Lightroom using Clickin Mom’s Paparazzi Presets that she gave to me as a gift for designing Lonnie’s new business card. Our planned dinner this evening at Il Fornaio is also a thank you. So, despite our disappointment at not attending the workshop, it has turned out wonderfully because we’re still going to go and it is gratis, compliments of Scott Kelby Training, plus I have new Lightroom presets and I am looking forward to dinner at Il Fornaio.

You can tell Melinda is really concentrating on her photography here. I used the Investigative Reporter preset and it fits the subject perfectly.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 100
WB 5350 Kelvin