Day 199—Hot! Hot! Hot!

And, I don’t mean Hot! according to the Fahrenheit or Celsius scales because amazingly it is only 75° Fahrenheit today, 20° cooler than the normal high for this time of year and 36° cooler than the 111° we had here the other day. No, I mean Hot! according to the Scoville scale that measures the heat of chiles. The habanero chile registers up to 350,000 Scoville heat units, which is considered extreme heat. The habenero used to be rated the hottest chile but it no longer holds that distinction, having been surpassed by much hotter exotic chiles that I don’t think I’ll sample any time soon. I love the flavor of habanero chiles but it takes only the tiniest bit of a chile to flavor something, not the several I feature here. Today’s theme is “starts with ‘H'” and when my hummingbird was playing hide and seek with me and the only raptor that flew near my lens was a vulture, not a hawk, I gave up and went to the grocery store to get some fresh veggies for Bobo. Right next to the green beans I bought for Bobo (I guess I could have photographed them and called them by their French name, ‘haricots verts’) was a bin of habaneros. I very carefully bagged them without touching and brought them home, arranging them on the colorful Mexican cloth with a nitrile glove.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100
2 seconds
WB Fine Weather