Day 205—More Clouds

After yesterday evening’s 102° temperatures and clouds (please see yesterday’s second post), I awoke this morning to more clouds and evidence of rain. When I went to pick up the newspaper outside my front door about 6:30 AM, the light in the sky was beautiful. Since I was still in my bathrobe and the light was most beautiful out my front door not in my backyard, I had to run upstairs and throw on some clothes before venturing out. In those few minutes, the light changed but while not as dramatic as it had been a couple of minutes earlier, it was still pretty so I faced into the sun to capture this shot. I decided to post clouds again today because rain, cool weather (all relative–it’s now 90°), and clouds are rare this time of year in the Sacramento Valley. And besides, I haven’t had a chance to take more photos today and it’s almost 7 PM as I write this.

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100
WB Auto