Day 181—No Shortage Of Feathers

It is molting season at my house and there is no shortage of feathers. Today’s challenge theme is “feather/feathers” so I selected a few of Bobo’s most vibrantly colored tail and wing feathers and photographed them on the kitchen table. I still have made no progress in learning Lightroom but I was able to change my watermark, designed in Adobe Illustrator with a little help from Adobe Photoshop, from black to white so it will show up on photos with dark backgrounds. Woot! Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to spend a little time and advance beyond importing.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
WB Fair Weather

One thought on “Day 181—No Shortage Of Feathers

  1. I’m sensing a little frustration here! I’m sure that designing a watermark was much harder than most things in Lightroom! Is there something special you are trying to do- or just sensing the enormity of the task??? Anyway- lovely shot of some very familiar (and beautiful!) feathers (and they didn’t come from your couch!)!

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