Day 173—Any Way You Slice It . . .

. . . An onion will make you cry. Today’s theme is “sliced” so I sliced up this beautiful and sweet (so it didn’t really make me cry) red onion from the farmers’ market. Since it’s already sliced, I guess I’ll fry it up for dinner.

I took this shot in my kitchen, with all lights off in the late afternoon. I tried setting a custom white balance but the dim light wouldn’t give me a good reading so I used auto white balance when the “fine weather” WB setting returned a rather yellowish image that was not the true color of the onion. In setting my aperture, I considered a comment one of my fellow Placer Camera Club members said about the shot I submitted for Tuesday night’s monochrome theme challenge. I used my garlic shot from my May 22 blog post which I changed to sepia for that challenge. Although it was generally well received, the comment I took into consideration for today’s shot was that since the garlic was generally all on the same plane, it might have been preferable if I’d used a smaller aperture so that the depth of field would be greater resulting in more of the garlic being in focus. There was quite a bit of discussion about the pros and cons of changing the depth of field in my garlic shot and many members liked my depth of field in that shot. However, in retrospect, I think he was right. In order to get most of the onion slices in focus, I set the aperture to f/16 and used a very long shutter speed along with my timer to eliminate camera shake. I think if I’d taken the shot 90° to the right, a shallower depth of field would have been effective.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
Manual Mode
5 seconds
Auto WB

One thought on “Day 173—Any Way You Slice It . . .

  1. Nice image- beautifully shot! I think DOF is the photographer’s decision, based on how you want it to look- no one right way. The deeper depth of field works nicely in this shot- and isn’t it great that you know how to achieve that??!!?

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