2022—Martes Americana

Martes Americana is the scientific name for the Pine Marten, a member of the weasel family that is found in Yellowstone National Park. We were alerted by another snow coach driver that there were some Pine Martens at the park service station near the Canyon Visitor Center. We walked back to find a half dozen scurrying up and down the pines and onto the snow topped dumpster. There were already a half dozen photographers there and, once again, their respect for the park’s wildlife was lacking. Their behavior was threatening, not benign. They raced back and forth eventually driving all but one of the Martens further back into the forest. When, thankfully for us, they returned to their coach, beckoned by their driver, the sole remaining marten kept an eye on them and their vehicle until they drove off. After there was some peace, the cute little marten posed for us.

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