2022—Vibrant Colors

Bobo, my Red-lored Amazon parrot, is brilliantly colored. And, before I had cataract surgery a couple of weeks ago on my right eye, I could still see those brilliant colors. At least I thought I could. But, as I look at the colors of Bobo’s feathers, I’m amazed by the difference that the cataract surgery has made in my color vision. I have had surgery in only one eye and comparing the colors I see in each eye is quite fascinating. Looking at the feathers with my right, “new” eye, all of the colors are vivid, vibrant, and bright. Looking with the left eye, they are muted, muddy, and dull. The irony is that before surgery, my left eye was my “good” eye and I thought I was seeing correct color in it because the right eye was much more muted with a pronounced yellow cast caused by the cataract. Now, the red, yellow, and green colors I see with the right eye are considerably brighter and more saturated than the left. But it is the difference in the color of the blue feathers on the top of her head that is most astounding to me. Looking with the left eye, the feathers look so dull I see only the palest blue. But looking at them with my right eye, the blue is bright and brilliant and a completely different color of blue from what I see with the left eye. I’m looking forward to getting surgery in the other eye so I’ll have a matched set.