On our second day in Yellowstone National Park, we drove to Hayden Valley. Until that afternoon, we hadn’t been close enough to any Coyotes to get decent photographs. When we saw this Coyote with its gorgeous coat exploring the edges of the Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley, we got out of the snow coach to photograph it. In the end, we spent about thirty minutes with this canine in single digit temperatures. We watched as it nibbled the ice at the edge of the water. Then, when it found something it really liked, it rolled and wallowed on the edge of the bank. We didn’t see what it was rolling on, probably something dead, luxuriating in its decay. I captured this shot as it got nearer to us and we hoped it would come up the bank and cross the road nearby. Unfortunately for us, two other snow coaches saw us and the Coyote, parked near us, and disgorged groups of photographers that plunged through the snow in the meadow racing toward the Coyote. That, of course, ruined any chances that the Coyote would continue to approach us now that it was threatened by a group of people running to it as fast as they could lumber through the snow. But we had our thirty minutes. They had but a few.