2022—Road Block

When we encountered a few ice crusted Bison on the edge of the road in Yellowstone National Park the other day, we weren’t expecting a stampede. We got out of the snow coach to photograph them because several were caked with ice and hoar frost. As we stood near the coach, hand holding our cameras, a few of them lumbered onto the roadway and I took this shot, a mini Bison jam of sorts as they were blocking road. After a few minutes, Moose shouted for us to “get in the van now!” After my experience in Anchorage with a bull moose fast approaching and I ignored Moose’s warning, I didn’t even look up but turned and walked quickly back to the snow coach. As we watched from inside, we saw a dozen or more Bison running toward us down the road past other stopped coaches. Another smaller group of Bison was running toward the road from across the street. They stopped before they got to our coach and we never did determine what spooked them. Whatever, it made for a great morning of shooting.