2022—The Tree at Artist’s Point

Artist’s Point is one of the most famous overlooks on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. It was so-named by mistake in 1883 because it was thought that artist Thomas Moran, for whom Mount Moran in the Grand Tetons is named, sketched his 1872 depiction of the falls there. I have photographed the tree there for each of the seven years I have visited Yellowstone National Park in winter but I first photographed this tree in 1966 when I spent the summer working at Jackson Lake Lodge in the Grand Tetons and my friends and I hitchhiked through Yellowstone National Park on our day off. Yesterday, with the mists from the hot springs enveloping it, this nondescript tree punctuated the scene and despite its scrawny appearance, it continues to survive fifty-six years plus years later.