2022—Nature’s Fury

The sight of wind-driven waves crashing into an icicle encrusted lighthouse highlighted by the setting sun manifests nature’s fury on the coastline. But, this coastline is neither on the Pacific nor the Atlantic coast. It is on Lake Michigan. The five Great Lakes have more than 4500 miles of shoreline compared to just under 3500 miles of combined shoreline of the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts. There are more lighthouses in the state of Michigan than any other state in the US. Forty-four of its 129 lighthouses are on Lake Michigan. This lighthouse is called the Grand Haven Lighthouse, one of two on the pier at Grand Haven, Michigan on the stormy shores of Lake Michigan. The winds can be fierce here and the afternoon we visited, the winds buffeted us with gusts to 30 MPH in below freezing temperatures as we braced ourselves on the ice encrusted sand hand-holding our Nikon Z9s and Z24-70mm lenses with 2X teleconverters. When the wind whips the waves into a frenzy, the lighthouses and their walkways, like this one, become encrusted with ice and icicles from the fresh water lake. The ice formations change constantly with the wind, the sun, and the waves and each day offers a completely different photographic experience.