2018–Bridal Veil Falls at 500mm

Using Nikon’s new Nikkor 500mm PF lens is a dream. But, I never dreamed I’d be using it for landscape photographs. It is proving to be a vital addition to my camera bag for landscape, and here in Yosemite National Park, it’s getting lots of landscape practice before I use it for its intended purpose, bird photography. While I await my next bird trip in a couple of weeks, I’m discovering that this long lens can be a creative way to showcase many of the iconic views here from a different perspective. While we were at Tunnel View Tuesday morning, Bridal Veil Falls was dwarfed by the massive granite features around it. It appears as a small white line on the rock face. In my photograph, taken with the 500mm lens, I was able to isolate the falls from the peaks surrounding it and get the entire falls in the frame.

Finishing the photograph in black and white with assistance from Moose Peterson during our Digital Darkroom session, in a few steps this photograph changed from ordinary to wow!

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