2018—The Spa

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the birds in my neighborhood from using my garden “spa.”   It is a rare day, indeed, that I don’t see either a hummingbird or a hermit thrush or a scrub jay or a mockingbird or a lesser goldfinch or a bushtit splashing in it.  Lately, the bubble in the middle doesn’t spew as high as it should but that doesn’t seem to bother the birds, especially the bushtits that congregate en masse atop the “spa.”  I was outside testing my new Nikon 500mm PF lens when the bushtits noisily descended.  Only a couple were left by the time I moved close enough to capture this shot of a female bushtit sitting atop the bubble while a companion waits her turn.

2018 Bushtits 0064-1.jpg

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