2018—Inherited Traits

My revived interest in genealogy has me rummaging through old boxes of family photographs. I came across today’s photograph in the middle of a sheaf of family documents. I’d never seen it before. It made me wonder, as I occasionally do, whether I take more after my mother or my father.  There are, of course, those horrifying moments when I look in the mirror and my mother is staring back at me.  But, I know most who knew her would agree that my mother was incredibly talented.  She could do anything she put her mind to, and do it well.  I am grateful that it is from her example that I am not afraid to try new things.  It never occurs to me that I won’t succeed at what I try.

My mother was our family photographer although my father sometimes manned the camera with less than optimal results.  He was famous for cutting off the tops or bottoms of things.  Our visit some 50+ years ago to Yellowstone National Park is commemorated by two shots of Old Faithful that Dad took with a Polaroid.  Fortunately for Dad, the spewing geyser lasted long enough for him to get a second shot of the bottom of the geyser when the first Polaroid shot he developed showed only the top half.  Twenty or so years before the Old Faithful incident, Dad took this photograph of my mother holding the Kodak Brownie that I remember from my childhood.  In this shot, he managed to cut off the top of her head and all of her feet.  My guess is that in photography at least, I take after my mother.

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2 thoughts on “2018—Inherited Traits

  1. You definitely take after your mom- the creativity and abilities in many different areas (sewing and cooking come to mind)- and now obviously your photography! But your sense of humor seems more Agnew! Cute post!

  2. Well Carol you’ve hit the nail on the head(less). I, too, remember that Brownie and all those black and white photos in the family photo shoe box. Love you, Sister!

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