2018—Not Your Father’s Quonset Hut

My 8-15mm Fisheye lens continues to amaze and amuse me.  I love the unexpected abstract views that result from placing the lens close to the subject and pointing upwards.  This is a view of the side of an ordinary quonset hut which serves as one of the hangars at the Zephyrhills Municipal Airport in Zephyhills, FL where I recently volunteered on the Normandy Bound Project.  The corrugated ridges are all the same but in this fisheye view, they are distorted.  It looks like a building but not a quonset hut type of building.  It seems very futuristic to me.  It makes me think of the old Flash Gordon movie serial from the 1930’s and 40’s that I first saw when it aired on television in the early 1950’s.  I almost expect Ming the Merciless to peek around the corner and a rocket ship to fly overhead.


MLP 15mm FL - Hit & Miss Project 1342 blog-1.jpg

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