2017—Back To The Hummers

Homer, Jr. was guarding his territory from other hummers when I was out testing the new 24-70mm lens with the Nikon D5 Tuesday afternoon.  Of course I was prepared for the possibility of a hummingbird photo op so I had the Nikon D500, 300mm f/4 lens and the 1.4x teleconverter on the chair next to where I was sitting in the yard.  I decided to try without flash.   It is amazing to me that the gorget often glows almost from within.  Because Homer is a juvenile, his gorget has not filled in completely but as he flitted in front of the feeder, a few of the brilliant magenta feathers lit up without the aid of a flash.  And, without flash, the background is not as black.

anna's hummer.jpg

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