Clearly, I have become obsessed with hummingbird photography.  I only wish there were more species of hummers here.  After dropping friends at the airport at Zero Dark Thirty, I arrived home as the clouds were blushing pink and it was still a few minutes away from sunrise.  I went outside with my camera rig and discovered that the early morning darkness required me to raise the ISO on my camera to 6400 in order to get a shutter speed of 1/250.  I really hate to use high ISO because of the noise but I needed the shutter speed.   I’m trying to get a particular shot of a front view of a hummingbird at a flower with the entire gorget lit up.  This photograph comes really close to what I’m trying to capture except it’s Homer Jr., whose gorget isn’t too colorful yet, his head doesn’t have much color, and there’s a little too much noise for my taste.  But I’m quite pleased that the hummers are enjoying the flowers I brought into the yard.  I’m also beginning to think that Homer has been displaced by Homer Jr.  Junior seems to have taken over Homer’s preferred observation spot the past couple of days.

homer jr at salvia.jpg