2017—Try, Try Again

I’m still working on trying to improve my technique for photographing hummingbirds.  My successes have been few and far between. It finally occurred to me to move the feeders. I have a double shepherd’s hook and I had only one feeder hanging from it. By adding a second feeder and repositioning the shepherd’s hook I instantly doubled my chances of well positioned birds at the feeders. Then I taped off access to all but one feeding port on each feeder. But Homer was apparently thrown by the rearrangement of the feeders and he changed his frequency of feeder visits. While I waited, the good light dimmed. I was trying to keep the feeder out of the frame so when Homer finally visited the feeder, the resulting photograph had him far to the right, just barely in the frame so I cropped the shot. Obviously I need to try, try again.


Homer square dark.jpg